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Sweet Sixteen

Sequencer by Roni Music

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen

By Roni Music

Sweet Sixteen was developed by Rolf Nilsson of Roni Music. He switched to PC and Mac around 1993 but updated the Atari version untill around 1997. It is still available in several flavours. A demo version, a Lite version (in which you can save only in S16 Song format) and the full version. I use the Lite version myself for a MIDI file player as it loads MIDI files very fast which you can also tweak with the editors and MIXER section. However for the full use of all the features, please register the program. (see link section)

One thing very noticable in Sweet Sixteen is the resemblance to C-labs Notator SL. Rolf admits he was influenced by Notators design. The same arrange screen as well the keyboard shortcuts are present in both programs. If you cannot find Notator and like how Notator handled songs and patterns, then Sweet Sixteen is for you! There are also some "modern" features such as a GM style mixer, with excellent graphics to boot!

Sweet Sixteen is a comprehensive and powerful MIDI sequencer for PC/Windows and Atari ST/STE range of computers. Sweet Sixteen offers Piano Roll, List and Transform edit pages as well as a dedicated Mixer page you can use for your favourite synthesizer. Capable of playback on 24 + 24 tracks, Sweet Sixteen is ideal for the absolute beginner but powerful enough to satisfy experienced "power" users.

The use of MIDI controllers is fully supported to allow control of all the subtle nuances of expression and dynamics demanded by the discerning MIDI programmer.

Powerful, yet user friendly, Sweet Sixteen offers features far in advance of its more well known competitors.

Main features

Pattern based MIDI sequencer 16+1 patterns (one of few pattern based sequencers)
24 + 24 Tracks (48 tracks when running two patterns in parallel)
High note resolution (192 PPQN)
Multitasking (do anything you like while playing)
Real time processing (all trackparameters are reversible)
Handles all MIDI events (including System Exclusive Events)
Interpolation MIDI Sync (Retains 192 PPQN in external sync)
Programmable Tempo/Time Signature Track
Real-time scrolling editors (List and Piano Roll)
Supports SMF (MIDI Files, Type 0 and 1)
Undo function (regret any action)
Logical Editor
Step Input - Cycle Mode

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen has an impressive resolution of 192 PPQN (Pulses Per Quarter Note) enabling precise and accurate editing. Modifying data is easily performed using either the List or Piano Roll editor screens.

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen includes a handy mixer page to record and take numerous snapshots of your favourite mixes. Although designed to work with GM devices, Sweet Sixteen's mixer page can be used with most other makes of equipment.

Sweet Sixteen

System Requirements:

Atari ST/STE, Mega ST/STE, TT030 or Falcon
Colour or Monochrome Monitor (medium or high resolution)
Min 512 Kbytes RAM
Also works with special systems as Medusa, Hades 060 etc


Go here for the download :

Download Sweet Sixteen Lite version

Sweet Sixteen page at Roni Music. Register for the full version here!

Download Page at Roni Music