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Atari Emulation for the Mac



Atari Emulation for the Mac
Works on MIDI programs

Due to popular request, I have decided to create a page for NoStagia, which is an Atari Emulator for the Mac platform. This particular emulator however works with Atari-MIDI programs! Since I do not have a Mac, I have recieved some assistance from Harry Koopman,( creator of MIDI-Joy...see my MIDI Joy Page ) who actually got it to work on his Mac System. He has also created a special SIT file with everything in it you need to run NoStagia and Atari-MIDI programs. Below are his notes on installing it and also the download. ( 1.4Megs)

The Nostalgia thing is a bit complicated, once you know the trick it works, and I got it working. I'm out of this stuff at the moment and got 'to get in' a bit, to help you further.

There was some tricky thing using the simulated harddisk of Nostaliga, HDD I believe. First, the version 0.7 of Nostalgia did not work with me! Version 0.65 did work, it makes use of HDD as a atari harddisk. The Dust thing did not work with me either. Provided you can switch atari files from and to the mac: create a harddisk from Nostalgia. Mount the harddisk with diskcopy 6.3 (in the folder I sent you), a disk-image appears on the desktop and you can put files and folders in it. Put the disk-image away! (put it in the trash)

Open Nostalgia. Do not click on HDD which triggers nostalgia, it gives errors. When opening Nostalgia and a HDD is in the same folder as Nostalgia , it will find it. TOS IMG must also be in the same folder as Nostalgia Open the C-drive in the simulated atari-screen with ALT (or OPTION) + mouseclick, and then you see the files in the HDD. Using sound or to do typing, you got in a menu in nostalgia change something (limit to 50 FPS) to simulate the atari speed (or non-speed...)

See below for the download with nostalgia 0.65 and everything necessary in it in case you can't find version 0.65 anymore. See also the remarks I collected from older messages below. Note: I used Imacs, with system 8.6 and 9.01. Both worked.


I drag and drop the HDD file onto disk copy (available from apple's web site) and it mounts the drive on the mac desktop - you can copy files to it there - I did this with M from Tim's site.... I have also used Disk Copy to make .ST images for nostalgia - Don't know if this will work with a usb floppy drive though. also - it can't read copy protected atari format disks - ms-dos format atari data disks have worked for me. You can't be running nostalgia while you do this though or you get a "file in use error" message You can use oms or quicktime for the midi out.... save to the c drive and transfer to your mac sequencer

Writing to the author, and asking him to change that internally...because there is no option in the menu's to change that. But I've got a hint, I did not try out yet, but logically should work.. If Nostalgia refers to the name HDD, then rename the HDD to something else, or copy it away to another folder, and make another one.. the atari harddisk you want to use you rename to HDD..and there you are...you only have to run Nostalgia not at the same time.

About your story above.. I almost gave up. Was writing you a message it did not work, and then I gave it another try. The tricky thing is, that the HDD after you put your atari stuff in the mounted desktop file, only works AFTER the mounted desktop file is put away in the trash!!!! This took me hours... I discovered it by change, after I had given up and had removed the image.. The only thing I did not succeed in was making an ST-image with disk copy, but that does not matter, because if the harddisk works, you can transfer files using a 720 K pc floppy from and to the atari, if you have a harddisk on the atari.

So Nostalgia seems to work fine. Thanks for the hints!

Harry Koopman


Go here for the download

NoStalgia ver .65

NoStalgia's Home page