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My Yamaha DX-7

I was coming home from work to start my vacation. When coming into the driveway of our mobile home, I noticed something was terribly wrong. The TV was sticking out the shattered window attached to my electric guitar! A little girl came over and said, "you had a fire". I rushed into the mobile home, and saw my DX-7 on the floor completely charred along with the rest of my equipment. A faulty wire in the kitchen had done its job. I could press one key and ten keys would go down. The front panel was completely fried. I took it across the street to a neighbor and asked for an extension cord. I put it in the driveway, attached the power and turned it on. Expecting sparks and mayhem, I stood back. Then I noticed within the LCD a little notice saying "Yamaha DX-7". I tried the fried membrane buttons. Everything still worked! Later, I separated the keys with a file, made a cardboard template so I know what the buttons were. Got a new midi controller (a Yamaha PSR 510) and now I have my Dx-7 still working for me. I have thousands of sounds for it on my computer (Atari TT030) and it is still going strong. Even the internal battery still works! Keeps on Going and Going!

Tim Conrardy