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By Ron Recker

Main Music Micro screen in Steem


By Ron Recker
Released as Freeware July 2002

Recently I was contacted by a certain Ron Recker who has coded a very interesting music application called Music*Micro. Apparently it started as a Tracker editing program and then MIDI was added to it, thus expanding it into a hybrid tracker/MIDI application. Within the program is also an editor for the ST Sound-Chip with an excellent graphic interface. Ron has also provided an HTML manual created from the original documentation as well as utilities to use with the program. See Link section.

Here is a description of the program in Ron's own words:

If you are ready to tap the musical potential of your Atari computer, then you are ready for Music*Mico. This program was conceived with the notion of fully utilizing the sound chip in the ST by use of a specially designed instrument editor. We felt that with custom software,we could manipulate the sound coming from the computer itself and produce some high quality voicing which would bear a close correlation to the instrument sounds they are designed to emulate. After this goal was reached a decision was made to expand the extent of the program to include MIDI capability, taking advantage of the built-in MIDI port in the in ST. With a full range of composing and editing features plus sequencing, auto-correction, with simultaneus play and record capabiliies, and the ability to change instruments on a single track, Music*micro has become a very powerful musical tool.

Editor screen

System Requirements

You need any Atari ST or STacy computer with 1 megabyte of RAM or more. It also works on 030 machines such as a Falcon or TT030. However Music*Micro is a color program! It will only work resolutions that use color modes. I am also happy to report that Music*Micro works on a PC under emulation with Steem.


Download Music*Micro

Read and print out the HTML Manual

Download AMS to SNG converter, version 1.1 , Monochrome version

Tim Conrardy

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