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Music Resume

Projects and Accomplishments


Tim Conrardy: synthesizers, guitar, bass, percussion, multi - media sound engineer CONTACT:(408)241-1352

Objective: position in music media as
midi/sound technician with opportunities for composition for film and multi-media productions, such as cd-roms, computer animations, and planetarium formats.

experience and projects :

1. Three years at De Anza college as electronic music tutor for classes taught by Dr. Allen Strange (now at San Jose State) instruction and use of Roland 100 modular system ,Arp odyssey, and classic tape techniques. other instruments used was a EMS synthi AKS, and EML 500/200 synthesizers. Took private lessons from Allen Strange learning the Buchala system.Also produced two soundtracks for film.

2. Sound programming for the DX-7 with a company started from Drapers music called Sound Connections.(334 California Ave., Palo Alto,CA) worked with Tom Coster jr. and others on a rom cartridge of 128 sounds for the dx-7. It had good reviews in Keyboard magazine(july,1986)

3. Recorded with William Witchman on two cassette releases- Galaxy 3000 and Shangrilla.performed on synthesizers and guitars.(California Marketing) music style- -- new age

4. Recorded and performed with Mark Moore with his cd release; Eclectic Persuasions.(1989) used sequencing and sampling techniques. Yamaha cx5m music computer was used for sound editing and sequencing. (Jazone studio in Palo Alto) Music style --progressive rock(yes, genesis)

5. Worked on two cassette projects of classical music interpretations; the Bach project and Palistrina and friends.(1991) the scores were step inputed one note at a time into the yamaha cx5m,voiced, orchestrated and recorded to stereo. percussion was also added to the mix.

6. Recorded with Tajalli ( William Wichman) on his first release for investments in nature ; The Luminous Rain Forest(1994). Used midi stack of Yamaha dx7, Ensoniq esq-1,and Casio midi keybrd. to create layers. Also performed on bass and guitars. Music style --new age.

7. Became sound engineer for I N production studio(Investments in Nature) learned and maintained Alesis adat 8 track digital system and Ensoniq TS-12 synthesizer workstation.

8. Recorded two cd projects collaborating with Tajalli on the I N label; Indigina , which used the ts-12 as main instrument, along with guitars, and percussion. and Maganda which the main parts were sequenced at home and recorded to dat, then brought back to the studio to add acoustic instruments.(1995) music style---world music

9. Mastering engineer for Boom (Tajalli and Pow) I N music

10. Mastering engineer for future releases ; The I N music sampler, and Symphony for a Blue Planet. I N music .(dats are ready for release ).

11. Compositions done for Reading Genius program (Ed Stracher) style----progressive pop. licensed from I N music.

12. Composed 23 short pieces for cd-rom ;SCSI Vision for Milex-Bus Logic using Steinberg Cubase on an Atari TT030. computer. Licensed by I N music.1997

13. Recorded and engineered project with Eddie Gale/Water Cave Blue cd released on the I N label. Performed on guitars, percussion and sythisizers. Music style--smooth jazz.1998

14. Recorded several Cassette projects using Algorithmic and sequencing programs on Atari Computers. (Cubase, M, Music Mouse, Ludwig,Editrack, Tunesmith).

15.Created TIMS ATARI MIDI WORLD web site. Contacted original programmers and companies for Freeware releases of former Atari Midi software to be made avilable on the site with screen shots, tutorials, and other resources.1999

16.Creator and moderator of the Atari-Midi Mailing list.

17.TIMS ATARI MIDI WORLD web site reviewed in SOUND and SOUND magizine (UK) and June,2000 edition of Key Board magizine.

Instrument Experience


Yamaha Dx-7/TX-7/Tq5/Psr510/Rx11/Cs-5 analog/Dd5 drums/TXP1 piano Module/ Qx5 seq. /Fb01/ Cx5m computer with fm module.
Roland 100 system, Juno 106,Tr 505, D-50 / D-110 /MT-32 Korg M1/Ds-110 drum machine.Ensoniq Ts-12 ESQ-1/ Mirage sampler/ Siel expander 80/ Eml 500/200 analog/ Oberhiem Ob-8/

Computers: Yamaha cx5m music computer, / Atari TT-030/ Mega Ste/520St/ Applications:Cubase Score/Notator/ Master Tracks pro/M/Music Mouse/Tunesmith, Band-in-a box and more. Pc running window 95/ Applications:Cakewalk/Soundforge/KeyKit/FreeStyle/Vienna/ Seq303/SimSynth/Sound Lib and more.

Recorders : Teac 3340-s 4 channel analog / Alesis Adat digital / various dat recorders. otari eight channel analog. / various mixers and sound processors.

Tim Conrardy