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The Hotz Box

The Hotz Box Photo Gallery

the Hotz Box

These Photos are courtesy of Joe Ruszkowski who was/is selling his Hotz Box. They show many details on the Hotz Box including the many aux outputs, MIDI ports and the rather large Atari logo! I was fortunate to actually borrow one for a month as you can see from the main Hotz Translator page . This controller was extemely easy to use and was a joy to actually compose with it.

This controller was meant to work with the Atari version software, and reports that it worked well with the PC version. However you can use it as a regular MIDI controller, but you will lose the chord and scale translating aspects for which it was meant to be used.

Given the nature of the controller with no moving "keys" you can perform lightning fast movements that would be near impossable on a regular keyboard.The unit is extremely fast, with 10 parallel processors collecting and merging the data that you are "playing" on the keyboard. The multiple parallel processors result in fast operation. Having been given the opportunity to try it out myself, I have found the Hotz box very satisfiying to my playing style. You do not need to hammer the keys but can press very lightly as it is still very touch sensitive. I also find it easy to play percussivly, as they feel like drum machine pads as well, and can also be used to play percussion voices very effectivly.It is also easy to accomplish strumming techniques. When used with an acoustic guitar or dulcimar sound, the strumming effect can be very realistic. Using a sustain pedal when using the strumming technique can create beautiful effects that have to be heard to be appreciated.