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Atari MIDI Utilities

On-Stage main screen

Hands On MIDI
Programs and Utilities for the Atari ST

While searching the net for Atari-MIDI programs I came across this site which offers as FREEWARE several excellent programs and utilities for the Atari ST. These include ON-STAGE: a MIDI file player which can be used without monitor, a MIDI type 1 to O converter and a MIDI File to pro24 Song converter. Below is more information about the programs (taken from their own descriptions of the programs) as well as links to Hands On MIDI which offer other services for the MIDI musician. Please check out their pages!


OnStage is a unique Software program which transforms any Atari ST computer into a dedicated MIDI file player.

Designed for live use, OnStage does away with the need to transport fragile monitors to and from the gig. Tried and tested for many years OnStage’s reliabilty, editing facilities and 32 MIDI channel playback capability still remains unsurpassed even when compared to today’s dedicated MIDI file players

32 MIDI Channel playback facility using our 16+ cartridge as a second MIDI output.
NO Monitor Required for live use.
Reset Proof. In case of spurious voltage spikes, OnStage will automatically reset itself without the loss of ANY data.
96 songs in memory at any time, (depending on size of RAM / size of song).
Play any song in any order.
Full GEM screen mode for rehearsal and editing.
Load & Save Standard MIDI files. (Type 1 or Type 0)
64 separate tracks can be played simultaneously.
Over 650K available for song data on a standard double sided density disk.
Load one song while another is playing!
Load, Store and Transmit System Exclusive data.
480PPQN playback resolution.
Slave other devices to OnStage using MIDI Clock.
Full Remote Control from your MIDI keyboard.
Full MIDI Thru and MIDI Merge implementation.
MIDI IN/OUT activity indicators.

Manual override facility for:

Program changes,
Relative tempo,
Volume (Controller 7) and
Global Transpose.

Auto Load and Auto Play feature.
Programmable delays on Auto Play.
Simple two button operation to play any song when using OnStage in a live situation.
OnStage can ulilise full 32 MIDI channel playback using our innovative 16+ Expander cartridge.*

System Requirements

Atari St/STE Mega ST/STE
Colour or Monochrome Monitor
(required for OnStage edit)

Zero Gen for Atari ST

In a similar way to the PC version of Zero Gen, this handy utility program for the Atari ST converts Type 1 (multiple track) MIDI files into Type 0 (single track) MIDI files.

System Requirements:
Atari ST/STE, Monochrome Monitor
(Mono emulator supplied as standard)

MIDI file to Steinberg PRO24 converter

Standard MIDI file to Steinberg's PRO 24 'SONG' file format convertor. Users with this popular sequencer will have already found the problems of importing standard MIDI files into PRO 24 using the 'Import' function.

Imported song data defaults to 100BMP (beats per minute) and only plays in 4/4 time. Coupled with the annoyance of every track being called 'NONAME' and the mess it makes of SysEx data, this simple utility program will correctly convert them all into 'SONG' format. Once converted it's a simple matter of loading a 'SONG' as normal.

System Requirements:
Atari ST/STE, Monochrome Monitor
(Mono emulator supplied as standard)


Go here for the download

Download ON-STAGE.zip 40.3K

Download zerogena.zip 35.43K

Download midi2pro24.zip 38.3K

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