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Atari-MIDI on the net


If you use Atari for Midi (or use STEem on your PC) come join us at the Atari-MIDI Forum. All of us are dedicated musicians who use our beloved Atari's along side our PC/Mac systems, or have Atari dedicated systems for Midi and audio. Lurkers are welcome as well, but partisipation is more welcome. We have just started a new series called "Application of the Month" (AOTM) in which we explore certain applications as a group and upload the results to our file section which includes midi files, tutorials as well as application specific files. See the M and MSG page for links to examples.

There are three types of subscription to Atari-MIDI.
1. EMAIL MESSAGE which means everytime you post or someone else posts, you get an Email in your in-box.
2. DAILY DIGEST: You get one email each day with all the messages for the day contained in the one message in your In-Box.
3.WEB ONLY: This means you can go to the Atari-Midi Web site to veiw and post messages. This option is good if you don't like a lot of messages in your In-Box, but would like to see what is happening in the Atari Scene. However, you might miss something this way.

ATARI-MIDI description:

Atari and Midi. Discuss Atari specific midi applications. Share information regarding your favorite Atari Midi programs including some of the more exotic applications such as Tunesmith, Ludwig, and other algo-comp programs along with favorites such as Atari Cubase, Notator, Master Tracks Pro, Omega II KCS and more. Help and supporting others with their Atari Midi setups.Services: File Sharing, LINKS section, Database of known Atari-Midi programs.Members can add files, Links and add to the Database

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Join this group if you have Atari-Midi shareware/Freeware/postcardware to contribute or would like to download. Due to new Yahoo group policy, the file section will only be available to members only. Note: This is not a forum per say, only an archive for files. If you would like to discuss Atari-MIDI, please join the main Atari-MIDI forum (above)

  • Atari-Midi-Archives


    With the PC and Atari releases of the Hotz MIDI Translator technology, I decided to create a forum on Yahoo Groups. Questions are welcome and I will do my best to answer them, or just plain discussion on translator techniques.

    Go here to join:
    The Hotz MIDI Translator Forum

    Here is the description:

    Welcome to the Hotz MIDI Translator Forum. The Translator technology was created by Jimmy Hotz in the late 1980's and is continued today by Accordance Music Systems. This forum is for discussion of the PC as well as the Atari Translator system. For those lucky enough to have Hotz Boxes(Controllers for the original Atari software)techniques can be discussed in using this instrument with the software. Since the Translator system can be complicated or as easy as you want, questions are welcome.


    Per request I have started a new forum for ACE MIDI, the Softsynth for Atari Falcon. Go to :

    The Ace-MIDI forum

    To join simply click on "Join this group?" and follow the instructions.


    This is THE user group for New Beat Productions Soft Synth for the Atari Falcon called ACE MIDI. There is also ACE TRACKER which is a tracker version, now in Beta stage. Patch sharing as well as synthisis techniques can be discussed specific to using ACE MIDI.

    For more information visit New Beat Productions Site

    and the Ace MIDI Page page at TAMW:


    This forum was started and moderated by Guido Goebertus alias Dr. Ambient who is the creator of AEX, one of the best looking, wayward arpeggiators for Atari 16/32 computers.Go here :

    atari-midi-programming forum

    To join simply click on "Join this group?" and follow the instructions.


    A meeting place for Atari MIDI programmers. The goal of this group is to share knowledge and to develope new software


    Hallvard Tangeraas is the moderator of this wonderful user group devoted to C-Lab Emagic's Notator SL and Creator. There is also software of the different versions available. You will need your dongle for these to work. If you use Notator or Creator, join the forum here:

    The Notator SL User group


    Notator.org was created to help users get together to exchange ideas and experiences using Notator SL. Anyone using Notator SL, Creator SL (the same program minus the notational part) or Notator Alpha (a cut down/educational version of Notator SL) is welcome to join the Notator mailing list.


    While not Atari-specific, there are many Atari and Steem users here.This forum is dedicated to exploring MIDI generative and algorithmic applications. Go here:

    The CN Fractal Music Forum

    To join simply click on "Join this group?" and follow the instructions.


    The CNFractal Music Forum addresses issues concerning this new Art Form, where we are, where we are going,advice on using the software tools to produce it - if You Like to Create Computer Music, or Listen to it, this could be the Place For You. We also discuss other forms of Algorithmic Music and issues related to the production of Computer Music. From the expert to the just curious, all are welcome, if interested.