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OR..How to download Atari Software from the Net

ZIP Download FAQ

One of the most frequent questions I get is "How do I unzip your downloads and use them on my Atari?" So here are some answers:

1. Atari Reads Dos-Formatted discs.

2.However having said this, PC's or Macs do NOT read ATARI-Formatted discs(that is discs you format with the Atari Desktop)There are Utilities available that DO format a DOS disc on an Atari, such as the Neodesk Desktop and other seperate utilities.See download section below.

3.What do I do ?

A. Download the ZIP to your PC or MAC hard drive.Unzip it from there using whatever Utilities you have to Unzip it so it is in it's own folder.

B. If you have an Atari that has a 720K disc drive (1040ST, Ste)Buy 720K DOS-formatted discs (Double sided, Double Density)and simply copy the unzipped contents to this disc. Most Macs read DOS-formatted discs so this should not be a problem.If you have a TT030 or Falcon, then these units have a "standard" 1.4M disc drive. You can use the 1.4 M discs with these.

C. Another method is to download the ZIP to a 720K Dos-formatted disc from your PC or Mac, and transfer the disc to your Atari Disc drive, and UNZIP the contents using STZIP or another Archiving Utility.This works best if you have a Hard drive on your Atari.

More Info for PC

Basically in a nutshell, just transfer the stuff to a 720KB DOS formatted disc. You can format a DOS disc on your PC using the format command on your PC. Put a 720KB disc in the PC disc drive, right click on the A-drive Icon (from " My Computer") and select format. There is a drop down dialog to select 720KB. Select and format the disc. Transfer the Atari files to it and your Atari should be able to read it.

720KB disc availability

Now you are going to ask: 'Where can I get 720KB DOS formatted discs?'
Most used computer supply stores still carry them. Also, they are still being manufactured at most Disc supply houses. Here is a link for a good deal on 720KB DOS formatted discs: 720KB discs


This is another question I get as well. Simply copy your MIDI files to a 720K Dos Formatted disc and you will be able to transfer between both PC/Mac's and Atari.


PC Users can download Gemexplorer (below) which enables a PC to read Atari and Mac discs. You can only transfer one file at a time, but at least you can read it.

I hope this Faq clears up some questions. Feel free to email me with any problems you might have.I have also provided links to Atari service Centers and FAQ pages. An Importment one is the Atari Quick FAQ which should clear up many questions about the Atari Platform. ( Note: I am not really a Hardware person, just a MIDI person :-)so I will not know technical questions about hard-drives, memory upgrades, ect. Please ask these types of questions either on the Atari newsgroups and forums, or referance the other FAQ pages for an answer.)


DOWNLOAD HCOPY: Format 720K Dos discs on your Atari

DOWNLOAD Gem Explorer: allows you to read Atari formatted discs on PC.

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