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A Tribute to Derek Johnson of SOS

Atari Notes

A Tribute To Derek Johnson's ATARI NOTES (from Sound On Sound Magizine)

This is a tribute to Dereks commitment to the Atari Platform in his monthly colomn called ATARI NOTES in the English Publication Sound On Sound Magizine (or SOS)

As of December 2001. Atari-Notes is no longer published in SOS, a sad day for all Atarian Musicians. However, this tribute page will attempt to keep Atari-Notes alive. Below are Links to his ATARI NOTES articles for the past 2 years or so.The Articles cover many topics of interest to all Atarian musicians.

THANKYOU DEREK for your commitment and a job well done!!

The useful range of Atari software from Cadenza includes the Web Wizard web site creation tool, and is now free. (Reviews of ACT and Guitar ST)

Atari-Notes December 2001

With software from an independent German writer, your Atari could make music like Mozart, or just play back MIDI files for you. ( a review of Simon ST and MIDIPlay ST.)

Atari-Notes November 2001

Various companies are still putting development time and effort into creating 21st-century computers and add-ons based around the Atari operating system. Derek Johnson rounds up the breaking news

Atari-Notes October 2001

You can add sophisticated MIDI mapping facilities to your Atari-based studio for next to nothing with some useful German shareware, as Derek Johnson explains.( A review of MasterKey)

Atari-Notes September 2001

Derek Johnson rounds up the latest Atari news and software availability including a review on MIDI Gen

Atari-Notes August 2001

Your Atari can connect to loads of peripherals you might not expect it to be able to use, including removable hard drives, DVD-RAM drives, and CD writers. Derek Johnson plugs in

Atari-Notes JULY 2001

Derek Johnson experiences the weirdness that is Dr T's, in the shape of MIDI-Ax, and helps out a reader who wants to use his Atari as a dedicated TX7 editor

Atari-Notes JUNE 2001

BreakThrough and Steem

Atari-Notes MAY 2001

If you're looking for a cost-effective way into MIDI music making, the Atari is still a good option, as Derek Johnson explains.

Atari-Notes APRIL 2001

AFSTS system and MyAtari on-line magizine

Atari-Notes MARCH 2001

The Midi-Enhancer-microtonal Tuning tool, Crawley Crypt, Midijoy news, M docs.

Atari-Notes FEB 2001

Ace,Mario Becroft, Dr T Omega goes Shareware.

Atari-Notes JAN 2001

MBoom IMS4.7 sequencer review. Davids Snows Phraser and New wave. new Pulsar Update.

Atari-Notes DEC 2000

David Snows Midi Master Drummer. Harry Koopmans' Midi Joy

Atari-Notes OCT 2000

David Snows MidiSquare and MusicBox.Sid Station

Atari-Notes NOV 2000

Derek Johnson reviews a new MIDI output expander(Midi3) and ruminates on the release of a herd of Electronic Cow programs as shareware

Atari-Notes SEPT 2000

Derek Johnson rediscovers an entire family of software from lost developer Hybrid Arts

Atari-Notes AUG 2000

Derek Johnson finds that a picture plays a thousand notes, with Fractal Music Composer.

Atari-Notes JULY 2000

With Hinton Instruments' AudioCalc, your Atari can earn its keep helping out with essential computations in the studio. Derek Johnson finds it all adds up

Atari-Notes JUNE 2000

Derek Johnson explores the mysteries of M, a renowned algorithmic composition tool that's now free to Atari users (also Hearcoach)

Atari-Notes MAY 2000

Derek Johnson reports on the arrival of Falcon digital recording program QUiNCY and a neat SC55 Sound Canvas editor.

Atari-Notes APRIL 2000

Not all Atari programs are completely serious. This month Derek Johnson discovers one that could give your band a name and you a lot of laughs. (also Finale Score 2 )

Atari-Notes MARCH 2000

As we enter the 21st century, the amazingly long-lived Atari ST has been around for 15 years. Derek Johnson goes international to find the best sources of Atari info and highlights some cost-effective CD-playing and video-editing software

Atari-Notes FEB 2000

Dedicated Atari users were able to check out the latest from the core Atari hardware and software developers at the recent All Micro Show. Derek Johnson was there for SOS.Also Gaston Klares' free Composer algorithmic music generator.

Atari-Notes JAN 2000

KeyChange, Music Mouse, and Gastons Composer.

Atari-Notes DEC 1999

Turn your Atari into an instant musical ideas machine with the fascinating Music Mouse. Derek Johnson reviews a vintage Atari program that's still available new and checks out a useful ST resource web site.

Atari-Notes NOV 1999