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 Using TWO Atari Computers


I find it a great advantage to use two Systems at the same time to run different applications. For example, I would run "M" on my Mega Ste, and at the same time I would run Cubase on the TT030, recording whatever I do in 'M" into Cubase.


Hooking up


Take the midi IN of System A to the midi OUT of System B. Take the midi OUT of your master keyboard to the midi IN of system B. The midi OUT of System A will then be routed to the midi IN and THRU's of your synth modules.The only thing with this system is that you have to have a program with a soft Thru function turned on at system B in order to record from the keyboard on system A. This does not present a problem because most programs offer this function.




Running a program on system B and recording the results into system A. Then refining those results more in system A. For example, there are a lot of demo vesions of midi applications on the net. On these, most of the save functions are out, or limited, or some do not write to a midi file standard, as with other midi applications. Simply record whatever you do in system B to a Sequencer program in system A, then tweak it some more using the sequencer program by adding more tracks, quantizing, etc.